In TECNY STAND we have a wide and varied catalog of metal shelving y storage solutions with the intention of providing our customers with the perfect solution for all their logistical and storage problems.

Within the catalog of metal shelving available in TECNY STAND, our customers can find three broad categories:


This type of shelving is designed to store palletized loads through the use of forklifts.Within this type of shelves, our customers can find static systems for the storage of their merchandise, such as the Selective or Double Bottom Palletizing systems, or more dynamic systems, such as the Push Back or TS Shuttle storage systems.


The shelves of picking or shelves for manual average loads are the main element of every logistic warehouse. Thanks to its structure based on racks and stringers, this model allows convenient access to all types of merchandise manually. Within this category, in addition to shelving, we find the mezzanine systems, designed to double the storage surface, considerably increasing the logistical capacity of the space that is counted.


The simplest shelving models, ideal for a small workshop, for commercial surfaces, or even for domestic use, allow storing all kinds of objects and merchandise, whether packaged or unpacked. All the models have strict manufacturing standards that always comply with current European Legislation.

In the section referring to the different storage systems of TECNY STAND, our customers can find:


In addition to the aforementioned shelves for palletization and manual loads mentioned above, there are other types of storage structures, among these types of systems we find the attics, structures to generate an additional height in the available surface, which, due to its solidity, allows storing Heavy loads in the upper level. You can also find storage systems for long loads such as cantilever racks, designed with arms that serve as support for the merchandise.

In addition to all the products offered by TECNY STAND, our after-sales service has two very important points to maintain and optimize the warehouse as much as possible.


Thanks to our extensive experience in the metal shelving sector, at TECNY STAND we offer our customers an annual Technical Shelving Inspection service, as indicated by the reference regulations UNE-EN 15635 and NTP-852, in order to Prevent risks and improve the safety and efficiency of all types of warehouses.


This software provides added value to your logistics chain, with this simple software application, you can maintain the order and control over all day-to-day operations that take place inside the warehouse, minimizing handling time and providing greater versatility to the work done.

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